Ways of Offering Penetration Testing To Customers

There are a myriad of ways to offer customers the service to guarantee their website is strong and impervious to any outside influence that could lead to the stealing of private and confidential information. The ways often differ from customer to customer, depending on what exactly the website is about. Corporates and national defence systems would often be subjected to the most advanced types of penetration testing, so as to maintain the integrity of the organisation. Here are just some of the more notable offers to customers by companies;

Vulnerability Scanning

This is one of the most basic services that a penetration testing company could offer to its customers. Here, all the company does is use a tool that just scans the vulnerabilities of the networks and systems used by the customer in their activities. This is almost always done to any customer, regardless of who the customer really is. In other words, this is also considered to be a small step for any advanced penetration testing that could be done to the customer’s networks and systems.

Infrastructure Testing

This is a more rigorous test service on the customer’s networks and systems with actual hacking ammunition. Here, all externally visible IP addresses are utilised, so as to determine just how strong the networks and systems really are against real world circumstances. Do keep in mind thought that is often done with the orchestration of the customer, so as to minimise any disruption from normal activities. Such a service could lead to a number of results that can be compiled and given to the customer, so as to make them understand just how strong their website really is against the tools of typical hacker in the present day and age.

Application Testing

Performing a penetration test by breaking into the applications of the network and system of the customer is a more modern way of real world hackers trying to steal sensitive information from individuals and customers. Here, it is possible to exploit the logical errors in the application, in order to gain access to the networks and systems, which In turn allows you to steal the private and confidential information the customer is withholding. Of course, it is important to orchestrate this test with your customer beforehand, so as to maintain the safety of the customer’s system.

User Testing

A type of testing that plays on the emotions of the human being is the method of ‘user penetration testing’. This is where fake mails and other social engineering methods are used to play on the emotions of users to make a gateway for hackers. This is a very useful test, as a lot of hacking does not come from viruses or malware, but also through the gullibility of humans in certain instances.

In short, there are a number of penetration tests out there that are offered by specialised companies always looking to maintain their standards, and make for stronger websites against hackers of today and the future.

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