Steps to Dress for An Interview

It is important to make a good impression at first glance! If you wear clothes in which you feel good, you will be more confident. The first impression you convey to the interviewer depends greatly on your appearance. If you feel that you are in your best appearance, you will be more confident and this feeling will be reflected in your body language and in the way you express yourself. There are no hard and fast rules; recruiters notice different details. Nevertheless, you can enhance yourself and increase your credibility by following these general tips for choosing your next interview look.

Adopt Good Hygiene

Pay particular attention to the care of your nails and the cleanliness of your hair. Have a bath or body wash on the day of the interview. Body odour can be a major turn down and hence it is vital you seem fresh at the interview. Use a light scent or perfume, do not overdo it. Make sure your perfume does not cause any allergic reactions.

Learn About the Company’s Dress Code

The dress code of an advertising agency is certainly not the same as that of a financial company. The communications, web, animation and VFX industries are renowned for maintaining a corporate culture that values ​​creativity. Hence, the style of clothing will depend on the company culture. Employees who express their originality through their clothing style are therefore often perceived as more creative by their peers. If you are looking for a job in one of these creative industries, do not hesitate to demonstrate your creativity, while keeping a professional appearance.

Dress in Light and Soothing Colours

Women can wear black or brown pants with light coloured blouses while men can wear a light-coloured long sleeve polo tops online paired with a black suit. Avoid dressing in all black. Even if the company’s dress code is very casual, don’t wear jeans. You have not yet landed the job; the recruiter must feel that you are making an effort to present yourself well.

Follow the General Style Rules but Get Inspired by Fashion Trends

Match the colour of your belt to that of your shoes. Wear the right size clothes and socks the same colour as your pants. Make sure your pants don’t show your ankles when you cross your legs. Bet on classic pieces that you can match with trendy pieces. Up-to-date clothes will give you a trendy and avant-garde look, a quality sought after in certain fields, especially ones that will have frequent client meetings.

Avoid Extravagant Accessories

The interviewer should be able to focus on what you are saying. Avoid wearing tacky and shining necklaces, bracelets or rings. For women, keep makeup to the minimum, giving yourself a subtle yet elegant look.

Do Not Wear Clothes That Increase Sweating

The stress of an interview can certainly cause sweating problems. If you are likely to end up with halos under your arms during an interview, plan ahead by wearing light fabric clothing under your arms and dark in colour.

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